Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Paper dolls

Why do I just love paper dolls? And these....just too much fun!!!

The little chipboard flip cards and hangers are from Crafty Secrets.

And the paper and embellishments are from Melissa Francis. It's supposed to be a girl and a boy outfit....but I decided to make them both girls.

I supplied the buttons, flowers and adhesive. Oh, and more than enough left over to cover this little journal!

You just can't get any easier or simpler than this!!! So I put up a curtain rod over the blinds on the french doors behind me and I'll be hanging cute little things like these chipboard outfits as I make them.

How long since you played with paper dolls???

1 comment:

Catarina Ramos said...


Love to see how you get these things magicly together!!

Aww! The dress is so cute!