Friday, January 23, 2009

Lucy McGoo video tutorials

Well, I just thought you might like to see our introduction's worth a few good laughs!!!

Youtube link

OK, we do tend to have a little too much fun when we get together. Imagine what life was like before she moved to Texas!!! We were always in our labora-torrey experimenting!

And we totally forgot to say our little logo poem:

Lucy McGoo is the child in you...she wants to play every day!!!

I guess we are both really getting old because we didn't even mention our TWO diecut manuals that we have available to download for only $2.00 each!!!

Lucy McGoo's Unofficial Wizard Manual

Lucy McGoo's Technique Academy

You can purchase Wonder Goo and/or our Lucy McGoo stamps direct from me, or at After Midnight stamps. Their link for Wonder Goo is here, and the link for our stamps is here.

And we can't thank Susan enough for helping out with our fun videos this week! Susan is a designer for B-Line Designs!

So sit back and stay tuned as there will be a video a day for the next few days! We hope you enjoy them and that you learn a little as we have been having so much fun putting them together just for you!

PS...if you think this video is funny, you ought to see the parts I cut out!!!

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