Thursday, January 22, 2009

I don't paint, either!

My youngest sister teaches watercolor painting classes at mom's retirement center every Tuesday. I was there and she "made" me paint. But I don't paint!

I didn't finish it while I was there, so this week, I took the time to paint the sky. It was already snatched up by one of my friends...but I remembered to take a quick snapshot of it before it got away!

Now, mom....she is a fabulous watercolor artist. I took a class from her several years ago. I remembered that we started and the next moment I looked at my watch and it was EIGHT hours later. The day just vanished without a thought and it scared me to death that time could fly like that. OK, so that was way before I knew about right/left brain activities.

I'm just totally afraid that my life is passing too fast as it is....what would happen if I took up painting?


Ginni said...

The next one is MINE!!!!

Jen Lowe said...

You really think there's going to be another one? LOLOL!!!