Saturday, January 17, 2009

BLine Designs

BLine Designs have some awesome stamps to be sure.....and I'm still NOT a cardmaker! LOLOL! But I did make up some quick samples for them this week. I used brown paper in my crimper for the background, stamped on dictionary paper, popped the sentiment on top. Cut out a little heart from one of their border stamps and added a brass heart in the corner.

So, take a second look....can you see the word "truly" in the heart?  Just too cute!

And just because a stamp says something....doesn't mean you have to stick with what it says!!!

You can always cut off part of a sentiment and add another one to it!!!

I didn't get all the stamps photographed, but I used this one for the heart on the music paper.  Cut up the sentiments.  And then over on the ribbon (where I cut slits in the paper) I made a slider out of another one of BLine's hearts.

Now take a look at what I've done with that original sentiment.  Totally cut up the word and completely changed the meaning!!!  LOL!  OK, I know that's not the intent of the stamp....but I just wanted to show that you don't always have to follow the rules!

Those 4 ladies are a very nice background stamp from BLine.  I used twinkling H2o's and the flowers are a scrap of diecut paper from Samantha Walker, Creative Imagainations, that I painted with twinking H2o's and then scattered gold embossing paper over parts of it.  When you look at this card, it really has a lot of shimmer to it!

Same thing with this next card.  I used the grunge heart and cut it out and cut the inside out.  Then I used my majic matter on copper gloss cardstock to make the background heart following the inside and outside edges.  This one really shines!

Next up is this adorable little cupid guy:

The white is a diecut piece of glitter paper using one of the Revolution 12" flourishes....I just cut that in parts. Used colored pencils to give my little cupid some color. A totally quick card!!!

and a block of sentiments:

Susan is always going "I love that card" or "this is wonderful!!!"  So I challenged myself to do something she wouldn't like!  LOLOL!!!

OK, that pink is totally HOT pink!  with pale pink, brown and black.  Using the sentiment block above and the 2 stamps below and a little bit of craft knife cutting.

Susan will be blogging the rest of the cards that the other gals made and they will all soon be posted on BLine's gallery.  Be sure to check it out!!!

Feel free to look at their catalogs - you can order their stamps from me!!!

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