Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's never too late!

Liz bought tons of these little custom cut acrylic albums that say "Class of 2008" and of course, graduation is long gone. Well, I suppose it's never to late to go back and scrap the event, but normally, you would do it before the event and give it as a gift.

So, the question was - what to do with the leftover ones?

Of course, you know me, I quickly threw things on it and I just think this is adorable!!! I'm going to fill the journal with photos I take of our classes this week. And I've changed the title - now how hard was that???

Cute little Meri Meri stickers along the bottom all heading off to their next fun class! Used AI on the back of the letters and distress inks on watercolor paper behind that. Spellbinders nestie over the old "of" and the new "act" is AI on white glitter letters.

I also thought I could do one that said "Classy Ladies - 2008", or I could do Class Schedule 2008 and do like a schedule for fall classes starting this fall. I'm sure you could come up with even more ideas!

Just wanted to show that you can alter/change just about anything!!!

I think there are 2 of these left in the store. Want one? They are $13.99 + tax + shipping. But you know what? If we sell these 2 and you really want one, I'll bet we can order them in! :o)

Oh! I do love to enable my friends and help them spend all their money! LOL!

PS. To all of you who live here in San Diego, tomorrow and Thursday, we are going to be in the store during the day making layouts for a charity event. These are lion/tiger based and will be in a raffle. they will be ready for the winner to just put in their photos and journaling, so should be easy! The store is going to provide all the product - if you want to come play just bring your basic kit to work with, you know, scissors, trimmer, adhesive.....ok, I'll provide the adhesive! Just come play! 10 am - 4 pm tomorrow and Thursday! It's never too late to give a few hours to a good cause!

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