Thursday, July 3, 2008

Home decor

I'm trying to downsize, but there are just some things that will stay with me even into the nursing home! LOL! So today, I worked on hanging them on a spare wall in the guest bedroom. In the center was today's project.

It didn't photo too well with the flash on, but that was a brown/black metal key from Hobby Lobby - on the 66% off aisle. I needed something to hang the 48" long christening gown on. And the 2 vintage doll dresses. A layer of Krylon primer and 2 layers of Krylon white glossy paint - and I have a white key!

Everything in my life has some kind of meaning. The christening gown is one that was given to me when I had an antique shop in San Diego. It was totally brown with loads of bug stains and big holes in it. I used Biz to clean it and then Japanese paste to mend the tears. If you looked at it today, you would not be able to see any damage at all. I need to find another piece of old vintage clothing and then I can do step shots as I go through the process of repairing it. The other antique dealer who gave it to me could not believe the restoration job I did on it!

The little doll dresses - well, they are the kind I always wanted for my dolls when I was a little girl - all pretty and covered in lace. I've decided it's never to late to awaken that childhood spirit that lives deep inside of each of us! So here they hang - reminding me every day that it's ok to be a kid, to have some fun, and to play a bit!

On the left is a 2' x 3' shadowbox filled with Jason's baby things. Tomorrow I will blog more on that and share some techniques for preserving your kids things.

On the right is Jeff's shadowbox. We'll be talking about that on Saturday.

I know so many people put their kid's baby things in boxes and store them away. I wanted to display them, look at them, share them with others, and just enjoy the memories of their childhood on a daily basis. I know also that I don't have room to display all the momentos I've accumulated in my life, but these 2 shadowboxes bring great joy and lots of smiles to me. The boys can certainly wait another 30 or 40 years to have them!!!

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