Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sherry "the stalker" Stone!!!!

LOLOL! Oh Sherry! I told you I was going to blog this! So here's "my" story and I'm sticking to it! I went to Canon City to play with mom. Didn't tell a soul I was going down there. But Sherry - she reads my blog - and saw that I was in town and showed up at mom's retirement center this morning for a surprise visit! I accused her of "stalking" me and threatened to blog that I have an official "stalker" now! LOLOL!

Sherry is another fabulous artist who just completed here senior level certification classes in Art Clay Silver with my sis, Colleen. She's opening her own studio and will be offering classes in metal clay in Canon City. She doesn't have her website up yet, but her business is Paper Silver Stone, LLC, on south 8th Street in Canon City. You can reach her at 719-269-2713 if you want to take classes from her!

Well, who wouldn't want to go play with Sherry? Just look at the fun she and mom were having here!!!

And then we need to talk about analysis paralysis!!! Sherry said that she and my sis both have it - they analyze everything until it paralyzes them and they don't get anything done! Well, I'd have to completely disagree with that. Just this summer, Sherry has gone out on her own, opened up her studio and is just going gung ho with all this fun! She so brightened my day by stopping by!

So, Sherry "the stalker" Stone - just keep reading my blog and any time you see me in town, come play with us!!!

oh, if you look in the lower middle you might be able to see some of the bookmarks we made this morning. Just so much fun!!!

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