Thursday, June 12, 2008

The more things change

the more they look the same! We used to have 80 acres of farm behind our house, now there's an addition going in. Tiny lots, houses crammed in as close together as possible. But new walking paths, a "new" lake, and a new view of the Rocky Mountains.

But it just looks more and more like city even though we are 26 miles from Denver. The lake has always been there as an irrigation holding pond for the farm with no access for anyone else. Now there's a walking path all the way around. About 325 more houses to be built before the development is done. The view of the mountains is spectacular at the moment. This shot was taken about 1/2 mile south of my house. There's more snow on the mountains than usual for this time of year which just means limited access for ATV rides this summer.

And with the new road behind our house, I can now walk to Hobby Lobby! Problem is that there are 4 places to stop and eat between here and there! LOL!

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