Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Cloud Dome - huh?

You know, I wondered, too what the heck a "cloud dome" was! But then I saw it at a local rock and gem show and then found out the owner is my neighbor! How cool is that? It's such a small world!

So, I thought I'd review the cloud dome for you just in case you do a lot of close up photography (like jewelry), small pieces, and are looking for a system.

OK, it really works great to photo layouts, cards and more. And if you are trying to get published in a magazine or book, this just might help!

Do I own one? Not yet! But my sis, Colleen, has one that I can use any time - and have used! This thing does an amazing job.

Click here for the website

OK, so you set the camera on top of the dome, above. Your project is inside the dome. And the glass (it's sort of like a kitchen mixing bowl material) difuses the light evenly on to the project. No glares from sunlight or light bulbs. No 'top-is-dark, bottom-is-light' problems. Light is distributed evenly around the project.

If you need more light, you just put table lights next to it on the outside.

Some of the photos on Colleen's blog were taken with it and I don't think you can tell which photos were done professionally or which were done with the cloud dome.

There are reflectors that you can purchase to create different, unique lighting effects.

And risers to put your projects on to bring them closer to the camera - I really like this feature!!!

I use a Sony Cybershot camera with it and my jewelry photos have all turned out great - just click here for my jewelry website. I'm pretty sure you can tell which photos were NOT taken using the cloud dome! LOL!

If you are interested in more information, call Cindy at 800-609-8999 or email her at

And be sure to let her know you found this on Jen Lowe's blog!!!

All photos copyright Cloud Dome and Jen Lowe Designs.

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