Friday, June 27, 2008

Altering 101!

My friend, Rose, was here from Wales. Now Rose is an amazing shopper, but what's even more amazing is the amount of stuff she can fit into her bags and still be under the weight limits! She had been here for a couple of weeks and her bags were at the max when she saw this dressform at Hobby Lobby:

She really wanted it, but there was no way to get it back to Wales!!! Needless to say, when I saw it on the 60% off rack this week - I got it! Just to tease Rose! OK, I didn't really like it, but I had an idea. First, I painted a layer of decoupage on it to seal the jute it is made of. Then sprayed a layer of primer, and finally a layer of white gloss paint - all Krylon paint. And now it looks like wicker - but it's not!

Next, I cut ribbons in 1 1/2 yard lengths and started threading them through the waist. Yes - it's going to be my new ribbon storage system! Dare I do one in each color? LOL! OK - I'll just do one and keep my blue, turquoise, silver and white ribbons on it!

Not bad like this, but am I done yet? That's the whole thing about altering something. This is what I originally envisioned in my head. But when I got just lacks something. So the next step is to just start looking around the house to see what you can find!

I saw this turquoise and gold scarf that I picked up on our trip to Israel. I don't wear it. But I love it! And I thought "now, wouldn't that make a perfect bodice?" and started wrapping it around the top of the dess form. Just absolutely perfect!!!

When it comes to altering things, you will just have to have a cut-off point. I found these gold rhinestone chains and earrings and they just added the final touches!

And then I place it next to my little Judaica corner. Two of mom's paintings, a peddler doll I made, an American girl doll dressed for Hanukkah, a menora, and my journal from Israel. It's just perfect!

I seriously doubt I will use any of the ribbons from her skirt - but they are there if I need them in a pinch! In the meantime, I will just enjoy this and every time I look at it, I will think of Rose. I really should thank her for not buying it when she was here because now I have a wonderful addition to my "storage" ideas!


Gerrie Johnnic said...

They wrote a song about you..."only you"'s great, sure Rose will love it long distance!

Mel M. M. M. said...

SO funky! Love it. :0)

Shealynn Benner said...

Cool idea. Seen it before on a blog called "Simply Me". But, she uses it to store all of her ribbons. Every color. Like a skirt. I may end up using this idea for myself too.