Thursday, June 5, 2008

A call for tubes

or "will I ever learn?" LOLOL! Oh me! Why on earth do I throw anything away? Because it's always the day after they pick up the trash that I get my "brilliant" idea!!! I get my metal from Amaco and it comes in clear plastic tubes. Michaels carries it around here:

and yesterday, I threw out 15 of these tubes! I have always stored my twinkling H2o pots in them....and today, I thought, oh! why not store my perfect pearls in them?

and once that cell in my brain kicked was like...oh! I could store my glitter in them, too!!!

But alas, I have used up all my tubes storing my twinkling H2o pots. See how wonderful? They just fit perfectly down into my storage drawers, I pull them out and I can easily see what I have!

Dare I email my good friends Dawn and Elaine at Amaco and ask them for empty tubes? Hmmm.....what else can we put in them? A really good way to market a product...maybe they could just start selling empty tubes? With the tops on these, you can also hang them on pegs on a pegboard wall. I used to do that....until I decided it was just something else to dust!

Got tubes? I need them! LOL!!!


Edie said...

You can store Pearl Ex in the small pots in them too, if you use Pearl Ex. I think getting them to sell the empty tubes is an excellent idea! Also good for storing large buttons, travelling with "good" paint brushes or multiple Exacto knives or block carving tools, rolls of expensive papers.

I use empty containers from mineral makeup pots to mix and store custom blends of EP, PE or PP, and they would fit into these, too.

Also, I love and can't find readily the empty clear cigar tubes, which are good for similar storage of buttons or small baked clay disks....

It would be so cool if I could get several dozen tubes, run a small dowel through the lids, mount the dowel overhead and just be able to look up, twist off the tube that has supplies I need then put the tube back up! Yowza! I'm running out of horizontal space - as the Jefferson's said, "I'm moving on up!"

(I also have a wicked toothache which is why I'm up at 0400 with all these great ideas and no energy for execution)


Debby said...

Very clever indeed! I recently threw out 5 of them. Gosh darn it! Next time I know better.

Millie said...

Hi Jen, I like your idea better than mine......lmo. I use one of those turntable thingies that has four trays to keep EP and H2O's on, but alas they get so dusty and take up too much room!!! I don't dust so my next resort is to cover it up or use your idea....lmbo.
Hugs, Millie..