Wednesday, June 4, 2008

And the winner is....and an update on storing nestabilities

Cindy F! Just send me your addy and I'll get the ribbons in the mail to you!

This is just an "update" post, I'll do my normal blog later today, but I also wanted to let you all know that I have updated the tutorial on storing nestabilities. If you take these out of the 4's really hard to tell which set they are. But I've posted the measurements and it should make it easier to put these back in their sets.

When you start with the largest die (I've given the measurements for that in the tutorial) you simply then scale down at 1/4" per die in that set.

I've also posted coordinating sets for the ones that I own. No, I don't own them all! LOL!

Why am I doing this? Well...future projects are going to be done by pulling different dies from different sets and we need a method to identify them! For example, I might design someting using:

SCL 3 (standard circle, large, starting from the center die, the 3rd die up)
CSCS 1 (Classic Scalloped Circle Small, the smallest die) and
GDC 1 (Geometric Dies, Circle, the smallest die)

and rather than writing it all out, I can just say cut 3 SCL3, 2 CSC1 and 4 GDC1! LOLOL!

Yeah, I know, time to go back to bed, huh?

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