Monday, May 12, 2008


Woke up yesterday morning and had this strange feeling that my life is going to change. No idea what, where, when or how. So, being the optimistic person that I like to think I am, I decided to be aggressive. I enjoyed making the sign for mom's decided to make one for my bedroom mirror:

Letters from Zsiage...stickles glitter and then cut out the background papers with a craft knife. Pretty simple.

But "change" can also mean I moved my coin jar right in front of my mirror. Perhaps I'm supposed to save my pennies a little more than I have been?

Next, I decided that if there is to be change in my life, then I need to move. Now, "move" can be physically moving my body which I truly need to do...or it can be moving to a new residence, a new city, a true adventure. So I made a sign that says "move":

Maybe it will inspire mt to start walking again. Hey! I did 5 minutes on the treadmill and 5 minutes on the bike I "moved" something!"

And then I decided if there is going to be change in my life, perhaps it's that I need to put my life on a "diet". OK, I need to put my body on a diet for certain, but perhaps I need to reign in my life, cut back, reorganize, restructure, things like that. I could certainly put my studio on a diet! So I made yet another sign. This time I used 5 1/2" letters from Zsiage and stamped on them.

And yep, I put it on the refrigerator door right where I can see this. With the hopes I think before I eat!

There is no way to take that without the glare! I tried! But you get the idea. Here it is a little closer, a little better:

And then I used some of my recent fav stamps. Some Stickles. My newest Basic Grey stamp....I love that floral border! And Ranger's white pen.

I do love the stamp of the 4 girls....that's me and my 3 sisters, of course! Mom wants a class using this stamp next time. Hmmm......

And lots of swirls. Just such fun!

It's pretty funny that every time Kerry goes off on a trip (and he's gone right now) I tend to change something in this house. Usually I move furniture all around. But this time...I haven't changed a thing. Instead, I made signs about change. He gets home tonight and then leaves again Wednesday for his next don't you know he is going to see this as a sign that I'm going to do a major furniture move when he's gone? LOL! No....I just feel like there is a major life change coming my way and I want to embrace it, maybe even beat it to the punch!



Life Diet

Even if all I do is save my pennies, walk a little more, and watch what I eat....the change will all be good!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog today, Jen. It should be a mandate for all of us! I love the signs!

Gerrie Johnnic said...

Please come and clean my s/s don't look nuthin' likes yours honey! What time will you be here?

Jen Lowe said...

You actually think I spend any time cleaning that ss fridge? LOL! OK...I use a product called "stainless steel complete magic"

It absolutely works!!! :o)