Saturday, May 31, 2008

Downsizing - a mini tutorial

Sometimes the things I think are so simple, are things others never think to do! I demo a lot and have tons of half empty bottles of the same product....second row in...4 half used bottles of Cranberry Alcohol Ink!

And it's not just alcohol's any bottle with a tip like this....just take a pair of needle nose pliers and pull the top off. Note, I have it setting on paper towels and be careful that you don't tip the bottle over once the lid is off!

Place the tip on the paper towel next to the bottle...the ink will bleed out:

Then take your other half empty bottles and squeeze them into this one!

I was able to toss 22 bottles....more space for more stuff! LOL!

Now, you can do this with Stickles, any ink pad reinker, Glossy Accents (ok, anything in the Accents line), Diamond glaze....anything that has a tip like this on it.

I'm still working on the deep cleanse in my studio...I think it's going to take me a whole month! Tonight...I'm sorting through ribbons! How on earth does one acquire so many ribbons??? :o)

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AimeeInOhio said...

what a fabulous idea, Jen!! I never thought of putting those partially used bottles together...I have 4 partly used bottles of Stream alchohol ink right now!! LOL