Saturday, May 17, 2008

Front door adventures

You just don't have to travel far to have a real adventure when you live in my shoes! I had just gotten into the car this morning to go in search of garage sales when I saw this hot air balloon...barely missing one of my neighbor's houses. I mean within inches. So I grabbed my iphone (ready to call 911 if needed) and started taking photos...even from inside the car!

Mind you, it was 7:45 am....most people were still in bed, but a couple of neighbors ran out and grabbed the basket and sat it down nicely right in the middle of the street.

What an absolutely amazing sight! How often can you walk out your front door to something this beautiful??? And I even dared to get a bit closer.

And then they started to bring it down.

The smell of the gases coming out of the balloon were just horrible! But I couldn't leave! It covered the span of the street and then some.

It's amazing that they put it down where there were no cars parked. The whole process took about 15 one was going anywhere. Little kids came out in their jammies and slippers. It was quite fun.

The pilot and co-pilot did a brilliant job of folding it all up.

An excellent example of a great team!

And as quick as it came down, they were gone. Just think...I could have slept in and missed the whole thing. Makes me think I should get out and about even more than I do. I wonder what other adventures I'm missing....right here at my own front door!


Jody Briles said...

How exciting Jen. Thanks for sharing the pictures. What fun.

Jody B - Kingman, AZ

Gerrie Johnnic said...

Only in your world only on your street! LOL

AimeeInOhio said...

wow Jen that's awesome!!!