Monday, April 28, 2008

Scrapbook Your Life!

It's a double post day today because I just want you to see some of the fun things I'm playing with while out in San Diego!

I told you the staff at the store has been unpacking box after box of new product and it was so much fun to go through the store and find it all! Ok....maybe I've added a few things that are not new, like the faux beach glass letters...but they have always been my favorite!

And they are already sold out of a few of the items! If you see something you have-to-have, just call the store and have your credit card ready!!!


On Tuesday, go ahead....ask if I'm there! I'll come take your order!!!

And if you have a question about a specific photo...just post it here. I'll try to answer.

Kathleen....did you see the rubon that is JUST FOR YOU???? LOL!

Lucky, do you see the sticker that has your name all over it? :o)

Did you see my name? My age? Yes...they even carry rubber stamps here!!!

And they have almost every Crafter's Workshop stencil ever made.....perfect for your "white pen" work!

I can hardly wait to see what comes in new today! It's just like Christmas every day in this store!!!

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