Friday, March 21, 2008

Kingman Arizona

My in-laws live in Kingman....otherwise I probably never would have gotten to know this hole-in-the-wall in NW Arizona. For the past 10 years I have been "vacationing" in this wondrous (?) spot more often than I can count. We just returned from a week and I decided I had to find something (anything!) good to write about this place!!!

So, I hear Oprah said she had the best hamburger of her life at Mr. D's. I've driven buy it a million times, but never ventured inside. I think it's the 1950s pink and turquoise that just keepsme from going anywhere near this place!

But I will tell you that just down the street on Route 66 is the best Mexican food ever at El Palacio's. Ask for their bean dip with's incredible!

And you can cuss without uttering a curse word by saying you are eating at the Dam Bar....really good steaks here and excellent service!

So once, there were so many relatives in town that we had to stay in a hotel. The Kings Inn has the BIGGEST rooms in town...the one with the chair on the has a jacuzzi in the room, a living room, kitchen and bedroom. It's also the MOST expensive room in the entire town and it goes for $74 a night...on the weekends!

Trees do grow here. Just look around. I count one!

But for the most part, even trees do NOT grow here! LOL!

My husband graduated from Kingman High School. We attended his class July...outside in a park....and the temperature was only 108 degrees that day. I truly thought I was going to die. No shade! And the guys were all playing softball. It's probably why I love him so much...he's crazy!!!

You don't have to look around too much to be completely entertained! This yard has totem poles, a windmill, a teepee.....

a lighthouse and a birdhouse....note the bridge over no water!

a waterwheel with (again!) no water. And a thatched roof cabana!!!

And yes, just this last week while we were snowed! I had to take a photo of it as lasted about 20 seconds!

There is one tiny scrapbook/stamp store in town that is less than half the size of my studio and every time I'm there, the owner tells me she is closing.

This is the home of the "chinese underground"....which I think is a mere fable to keep me asking quesions...."where is it?" "why was it here?" "what was it?" and the only answer I get is "it's underground!!!"

But this little berg is on Route 66 which is an ever popular road trip. I'm sure you've passed through it. I've been going so much I've found a great creative arts pal there and this trip, she and I took off to explore other parts of Arizona. Looking for ideas to inspire more art. For some reason, I just can't find them in Kingman!

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I thought I saw some large shrubs with the teepee, bridge and other things .........