Saturday, March 22, 2008

Finding Jerome

My creative pal, Jody, and I went off to find Jerome, Arizona, last week. Tucked high up in the mountains, it was well worth the trip! But to get to this first stop, we had to drive a very winding, narrow mountain road with very steep drop-offs...and we were high above the snow.

Breathtaking views as you look out though the pass

One of the first shops we were in was featuring the work of artist Jon Anderson This turtle is made of polymer clay that has been caned....microscopic designs running throughout the clay. The moment I saw this, I thought "I'm in the right place!"

The colors on this felted ball necklace just jumped out and grabbed me. Sorry, I took the photo through the window.

Stained glass peacock purse shaped window with beaded frings. I've never seen anything like this....incorporating beads and was beyond wonderful! Now I know why artists go to this little village to seek out inspiration for their designs.

It's a tiny little place, sitting high up on the side of the mountain. Most houses are 3-4 stories high perched on a cliff of some type. NOT for me!!! I want solid ground under my feet!

Lots of shops and places to eat. I could spend 3 or 4 days just looking at it all!

The Mine Museum was quite fun. And the underground Christmas store was too cute!

Driving out on the east side was ever so much easier than coming in from the west. But you can see...perched up on the hills.

This trip, we drove hubby's truck. It's a 4x4 that he has "elevated". Jody just had knee surgery...but what a trooper! She used the ladder to climb up into the truck and then slid out. What a true friend to go exploring Arizona with me!

We made a stop in Cottonwood at Art Institute Glitter. Perhaps my new favorite place in all of Arizona!!! And we stopped at S.A.G.E in Sedona....a totally cool scrapbook store.

At that point, we were still 2 1/2 hours from off we went, chatting the entire trip back across the desert. With it's lovely evening shadows...I might fall in love with the place in another 10 years or so! But exploring places I haven't of my very favorite things to do!

When I emailed mom that we had been to Jerome, she sent back this painting. It's of the scyamore trees at the Montezuma castle just south of Jerome. Guess I will have to go there on my next trip!

On second thought...maybe I'll just stay home and look at all of mom's paintings. Glorious art...right here!

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