Thursday, March 6, 2008

$49.00 away from her goal

Rachel is at 98%, just $49.00 away from meeting her goal!!!! YEAH!!! And yes, she can go over her goal! Just click on the link above to check out her progress or to make a donation.

I am so excite for her, but I think I'm more excited for this Saturday! Our first of two Walk for the Crops at my studio! The gift packages and prizes just keep rolling in! Kerry has been calling me daily....from the sounds of it I won't be able to get into the house through the front door! LOL! I'm heading home today and going to stop at several of my friendly manufacturer's in Colorado Springs to pick up even more.

If you missed the details for the first crop this Saturday, just click here: Crop for the Walk

If you missed what I wrote about my youngest son, just click here: Jen's Story

And for all of my dear friends who have contributed and helped Rachel get so far so fast, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!

I have to say this has been such a fun journey. I have made new friends, "met" so many artists via the internet, heard so many stories about other mom's who have struggled to raise their children through seizures and so many other problems. I do love the internet because we are not quite so alone as we were twenty years ago. It allows us to reach out and be with others and un-isolate us when we need it the most.

To each mom or dad who is raising a child with special needs, you have my compassionate understanding. The professionals can tell you what to do. I can share what I did to survive. Trust me, there were many moments when I thought I could not live one more moment...but here I am!!! And you will make it, even when you think you won't!

Why am I supporting Rachel? Because her mom, Liz, owns Scrapbook Your Life! in San Diego. And I think it's hard enough to run a successful scrapbook/stamp store, let alone the interruptions of having a daughter with seizures. So my month of March is devoted to raising funds for Rachel's walk.....and giving back to the National Epilepsy Foundation.

TWO DAYS until our first Crop for the Walk! We still have a couple of openings, so make your donation, then email me! It's going to be so much fun!

Oh....if the house isn't clean...just look the other way! LOL!

Edited to add: Pretty funny....Rachel's goal is now at 82%....because the goal was increased to $3000! I'm sticking to the original $2500 goal....and when we meet that, we'll celebrate!!!

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