Friday, February 29, 2008

Sticker Mania

What do you do with all your really really really old stickers? I mean the ones you have had for 3 years or longer? I made a keepsake box!

Yet another idea for a cigar box in case you don't like the purses I've been doing! Inside the lid, I typed:

Once upon a time
We put your things here
Keeping them for you...
We hope they've grown dear!

10 stickers on this end. So much fun to turn them into little collages:

13 stickers on this end. Also note the stickles that I applied directly to the cigar box diamond band that I left uncovered.

10 stickers on this end and a metal letter. Who says you can't mix metal and paper? I did use glossy accents over the B, A, and Y to make them pop.

And even on the bottom of the box. I inked the DCWV paper to add color to it, distressed and inked the bunny.

This is on the front side. One long running sticker:

Back to the top, DCWV paper (2 sheets for the entire box), I backed the stickers with cardstock and cut them out, then popped them with pop dots. Used a wood knob for a handle to open the box and covered it with a flower sticker. Use Glossy Accents on different parts of the stickers (Peter's jacket and the shoe):

By backing the stickers with cardstock and layering them with different thickness of pop dots, you get a 3D collage look:

I'm really not a huge Beatrix Potter fan, but I could fall in love with this little scene. Note the tiny little mouse under the back of the shoe!

3 transparent stickers that I distressed and then added glossy accents to the fruit:

3 more stickers that I added Glossy Accents to pop the berries:

And yes, take a look, just plain, dull little stickers that have been on the shelf for years.

Amazing what you can do with a little ink and accents! I probably have less than $5 in this entire project. And the inside is lined with sticky backed black felt.

I feel like a sticker mania challenge coming on. I guess I could even give away a prize....more stickers! LOLOL!

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