Thursday, February 21, 2008

She really couldn't help herself

I think that's going to be my new by-line! LOL! Some days....I just really can't help myself!!!! Today was my Third Thursday Basement Babes group. This group of artists just continues to amaze and astound me with their creativity!!! Today's project was Dap Vinyl Spackle on foam core board. Who would have thought it could turn out so fun:

Sherri Burrisk was the instructor, but she said she can't claim responsibility for this process, learned it from a friend who learned it from someone else and no one knows who first did this! So if it was you....thanks! We'd love to have a name to give credit to!

Just cover the board with spackle. Press photos and images down into it. I diecut metal and colored it with alcohol inks. Used some Crafty Secrets fabric photos, some Amaco mesh wire, fun little trinkets.

Garters from an antique shop....chipboard embellishments

Stamp into the plaster when it it dry to the touch. Then (the most fun thing) shave chalk. Just take your little chalk squares and shave it off with a craft knife. Let the dust fall onto the dried plaster. Use 3 - 4 shades of the same color. Then stipple it around the plaster. I also added gold mica dust. Wow!!!

The girl is a button. The "feathers" that make her "crown" are from an ornament from Hobby Lobby. Even tiny watch parts embedded into the spackle. Oh my....a hundred ideas....I think I need to go shopping for more things to bury in plaster!

And why not shave chalk and mix it with other mediums to give it color? Oh time and so many ideas!

Yes...I'm over the pneumonia and ready to play hard! As it says, "She really couldn't help herself!"

That's so me!!!

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