Thursday, February 7, 2008


It's been a rather creative week around here. Yesterday I came up with a way to do a star book using my bind-it-all. BIAS-Book - Bind-it-all-star-book! I have over 1000 tags in boxes in a cabinet and haven't had a creative idea on them lately and it hit me....why not try a star book with tags and the bind-it-all?

And it worked! But of course, I put a bit of my own spin to it. I did not decorate this. It's my "pattern". Tomorrow, I hope to do patterns in the other sized tags and then start to decorate some. I'll be teaching this in a workshop in my studio on Monday. If you are local, email me to see if there are any openings as it's filling up fast!

Note, the center spine is done with the bind-it-all once again. When you open it's just wonderful! I can just imaging all kinds of things to do with this!

My spin on this....rather than adhering the ends together.....punch holes and tie them together!!!

It could be fun to diecut into the tags and see what happens.....

Or to ink each tag with a different technique.....

Who would have thought that plain manilla office tags could turn into something this grande? I used a standard size 8 tag for this book. From American Tag.

So many ideas stuck up in my head....I think it's about time I get some of them out! I can just see a range of BIAS-books in each size of tags that are made! Imagine a tiny book using a size 1 tag.

And just a kind reminder....if you use any of my ideas be sure to obtain permission's only an email away! What a fun way to make a star book with absolutely no adhesive. You just need tags, a paper trimmer, a hole punch and a bind-it-all!


Gerrie said... are great!

M62Owen said...

What a fun project Jen....