Sunday, December 9, 2007

ABC = Artist Business Card

ATC = Artist Trading Card
BC = business card

So, I've created ABCs - Artist Business Cards. Same size as an ATC (2.5" x 3.5"), but you create art to put on the front of it with your contact information and a mini resume on the back of it!

Shall we see if this takes off as the next trend? Feel free to link this blog to any site you want to share this with!

I do a very limited edition of these and do trade them just like you would an ATC. Then I print and hand them out as a business card. Sure is fun!!!

My very first ABC:

And the most complex ABC thus far. It's a copy of the real thing which is mesh wire, clipped, curled and beaded with a diecut Star of David in the center. This is on a diecut pewter scroll which is over fabric paper that was stamped and painted with a gold rub n' buff mixed with rubbing alcohol.

It flips up with a poem inside. Behind the poetry screen is a Star of David, dreidels and olive branch embedded into a mix of decorating gel and alcohol inks.

More than what meets the eye? Sort of like the gifts in our lives.

And the mini resume on the back.

I rarely do anything so intricate as this, keep in mind it is just 3.5" tiny little things! But it was fun..and I LOVE the poem. Now, reread it and think of the gifts in your life....

There's the gift of life...
the gift of being

There's the gift of you
And all we're sharing

There's the gift of time
Of days unending

The gift of wisdom,
The gift of aging.

But the greatest gift
That I'm perceiving

Is the gift for those
Who keep believing.

These are the gifts in my life today. I truly am blessed. And what better way to share my gifts and my beliefs than sharing them on an ABC that I can hand out to others?

ABCs....I think it's time we told the world who we are as artists!

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