Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thankful for then and now.

I have said that a lot of my designs come from my childhood memories. And I am ever so thankful for them. But mostly, I am thankful for my family. I'm so glad I was raised on a farm. With a huge family. With lots of big family gatherings like this one.

It must have been Christmas as we are holding dolls. Colleen has a ballerina. No idea what I have, but I'm holding her tight. If you grew up in White River Township, you might remember some of these aunts and uncles of mine...Charley and Nellie House, Lacy & Muriel House, Tad and Geneva House....long gone, but the memories of huge family gatherings lingers on.

And here we are ...FIFTY years later. Oh! It just doesn't seem possible!!! But it is. Well, this photo was taken a year ago when we were all together. April, Elaine, me, mom, Nelson and Colleen, from left to right, with our spouses.

And then this year. Not all of us could be here, but we still took our annual photo. Nelson, me, Colleen and mom.

So if you knew us as little girls back in Indiana, this is who we are now.

I love that we take photos on Thanksgiving Day. I think I want to start a new series..just mom and me.

But this is my favorite photo. Mom and Colleen. Giggling. LIke they were both 10 years old. It's what makes this age so can act yourself and no one cares!

I am truly thankful for then....for my childhood, for the way I was raised, for the memories I have.

But I am most thankful for now. For a mom that I love beyond words, for sisters that I adore, for a brother who I still find fascinating...for all their spouses...but most, for moments like these when we are together and share our day.

I am truly blessed. Then and now.

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