Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Stamp of Excellence

Every now and then, you meet someone who is just such a kindred spirit. This week, I met Judi for the second time. She owns A Stamp of Excellence in Canon City, Colorado. This is the little town where mom moved to, but it's also the first place I lived when I moved to Colorado. In a whole lot of ways, I wish I had never left town. But life takes us on a journey and who knows, maybe I will go full circle and end up living there some day!

It wouldn't be bad at all, now that I've met Judi. She has the cutest little house on main street that is her stamp store.

What is unique about her outside of her incredible customer service? She will take any image you email or mail to her and turn it into a rubber stamp! Her shop is closed on Wednesday...that's the day she makes her stamps. So her turnaround time is extremely quick.

Ever think you'd like to have an expression, a word, a picture, an image made into just a single stamp to use? This is the place to get it done!

Her stamps are sold all over the world! She is a busy, busy, busy gal!!!'s my funny story for today. I had met Judi a few weeks ago. Thursday, my dear friend Torrey, her mom, Dian, and I drove down to Canon to take mom to lunch and to go to the stamp store, the scrapbook store and the plant shop. We had a great lunch at Mr. Ed's (if you go, take a peek at their huge cinnamon rolls!) and then to the stamp store. Low and behold, the closed sign was out. Sure enough, they closed at 1 pm.

Well, I tell everyone to just wait in the car as I get out and go knock on the front door. Mom, still in the car, says to the others, "well, they are not going to open for her. She isn't anyone!" And about that moment, the door opened and Judi immediately flipped the "closed" sign to "open" and we all went in.

What a fun time! We spent more money that we had budgeted for the day, but I got some lovely stamps, some micro punches for my paper type silver clay and some charms. Mom found 2 stamps that she liked. Torrey totally blew her budget! I just love enabling my friends like this!

But most of all, I love Judi because she opened her store for a "nobody"! Now, imagine my delight when today, just 2 days later, I checked the mail and there was a letter from Judi with a tiny unmounted stamp inside and a thank you note for our visit!!! How fun is that!

Do you think she has a loyal customer in me? Do you think I will blab to the whole world to go visit her store, check out her website, order your stamps from her! Of course I will! And just peek into her catalogs here!

But most of all....if you have ever once thought about getting a custom stamp Judi...send her a copy of your design, and let her make it for you.

After all....the best way to play is to play with something that you had made just for you!!!

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