Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Journey thru Life

Life is a journey, but I think there is a journey through life from one generation to another. This is a piece that was published last year in PaperWorks Magazine. It was just so much fun to do, but it's all about the journey of 4 generations of women in this life and the threads they weave that connect each generation to the next.

When you look at the entire project, the tape measure travels the distance of our lives. I've used stamped images, cutouts, and things that remind me of my mom, grandma and a great grandma that I never knew.

ON the left tab, a close up of some of the snipets I've added to this collage. A spoon for all the knowledge they fed can really tie any element into something meaningful in each project that you create.

In the center, you can barely see a photo of me as a little girl on the left behind the tape measure. Then you see a photo of my mom as a little girl above a dessform. I like the teddy bear on the pin cushion. I remember grandma with a pin cushion and thimble always close by. There's a book behind an altered matchbox. The matchbox contains a mustard seed. From the Bible verse "If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move a mountain"....a reminder of how little faith any of us has.

Up in the upper left hand side is a round circle, inside that is a photo of my great grandmother at the age of 12.

There's another matchbox here and when you pull it down, a photo of my grandmother as a little girl.

the journaling reads:

The Journey Through Life is like a thread, weaving one generation through another. Fibers give out, as do lives. Yet each generation brings something new to the design of their life. I may never know how much I am like my ancestors. But I am sure there are many similarities. The thread that links us are the photos we keep. Here I have pictures of me, my mom, my grandmother and my great grandmother. The common threads are the lives that we lived…each of us born and raised on a farm. Each of us sewing our own clothes. Each of us with curly hair. Time has taken away much, but time has given even more . The Journey Through Life goes on, weaving into future generations a thread from the past.

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