Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Childhood plays

It's amazing to me how one thought leads to another....and how one creative idea creates another. I just finished designing 19 pieces of jewelry that will be published by Belle Armoire in upcoming magazines. I think I have "brain drain"...but then I started blogging about ice skating...and that make me think of my childhood chum, Karla, which made me realize that I totally want to scrap the plays we were in together.

Our tiny little church, the Perkinsville Methodist Church, put on 2 plays. Unfortunately, I acquired the lead role in the play "Mountain Gal". The saga of a poor mountain gal who winds up in the big city. I remember it so well...I remember I had 115 lines to memorize! And Karla was right there with me when we had to run outside, slap some mud all over us, and go back on stage acting like hillbilly kids. Oh my! What fun that was!

Over the years, she and I have kept in touch. Does that mean she's my "oldest living friend"? She will laugh if/when she reads that as we both are traveling down this winding river of our life....she still in Indiana, me out in Coloroado. Gotta love the internet...it does keep us all connected.

In 2000 (geez, has it been that long already?) Karla and I got together at the Perkinsville fish fry. What a hoot!

And from the pictures, you can see...we just haven't changed much! Got me to wondering why, when we were so poor as kids, would they take (and save) that awful photo of us! I've searched everywhere and simply cannot find a good photo of us as kids...although we were together quite a bit of the time.

I was such a quiet child. (yes, another story, another day). And to be given the lead in a church play....wow! I think my Sunday School teachers had a lot more faith in me than I had in myself back then. But it was a great learning ground. I learned that I could be the lead in a play. And today, I know that I can do anything I set out to do. We truly draw our strengths from our childhood....and we draw our ability to play and create from that very same place.

Here's to Karla....and all the "Karla's" of my childhood...it's because of you that I play so well today! :o)

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