Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Day of the Dead....

It seems so many artists are getting in to the "day of the dead" style. Or shall I call it grunge? Skeletons, hanging heads, modern shrines, totems, assemblage.....Michael Demeng is perhaps one of the foremost artists of this genre, but many others are following suit.

So I really want to jump on the band my own altered way! I've decided to do....

Day of the Dead....Barbie doll!!!


I know! Demented, derranged, disjointed, disgusting.....I'm going to single handedly start a new trend. I already recycle everything, alter things I find at thrift why not cut up old Barbies and use parts to create my own version of Day of the Dead...Barbie? There's sure to be a run on used Barbie dolls, so stock up now!

Very appropriate topic for today, huh? LOLOL Stay tuned to see what I come up with. I think you will at least giggle when you see!

1 comment:

Wendywoo said...

I think Barbie looks much better this way, lolololol. Just hope she doesn't rise up from the dead zombie style & chase you, hahahahaha