Thursday, September 27, 2007

Where did all the tulips go....

Everyone has a story to tell. Sometimes we tell it by writing, sometimes we tell it in our photos. At times we tell it in our scrapbook pages, and at times, we tell it in poems.

My Grandma Hazel Moore wrote poems all of her life. I remember her trying so hard to teach me how to write a poem. She would sit an make up words that rhymed so I could write poems. I remember laughing and saying, "oh Grandma! That's NOT a word!" And she would say, "Well, Jennifer, if COULD be!" She lived 2 miles down the road from us for most of my childhood and she was a huge influence on who I am today. She taught me how to play. Oh my, she would just be so thrilled if she were still alive....I can almost hear her say, "Oh Jennifer, I wish I had spent my whole life playing with you!"

Little girls and tulips grow as fast as fast can be!!! Where did all the tulips go...did they grow old with me?

I have grown older over the years, but in my heart, I am still that little girl who played in the fields on the farm. In my heart, I am still picking tulips and checking the insides for bugs.

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