Thursday, September 27, 2007

Panties showing!!!

My venture into scrapbooking started about 4 years ago. Over the years most of our childhood photos have been taken out of photo albums and some have become quite damaged along the way. I thought I would scan them all in, fix them in photoshop, then print them all out again. Once I started printing, I decided that mom needed them to be "pretty"...not just stuck in an album. So I walked into a local scrapbook store to find some pretty paper....and that was the end for me! OK....the end of "that" phase of my life and the beginning of a whole new world!

I can't even begin to remember what I bought that day...but when I got home I had no where to put it! So of course, I had to run out and buy storage stuff immediately! But I did start to scrap using an 8 1/2" x 11" format. This is one of the first layouts that I did....and I still like it. Although it's quite still get the idea!

Colleen and I were sitting on the back steps of the house we started out in. You can see that it needs to be painted...I'm sure there was no money for anything like paint! You can also see that I have really BAD hair once again! Yes...that has been the one constant throughout my life.....bad hair! We wore little dresses as was the custom of the early 50s. We were playing with a ball and you can see the leaves were blowing around. Most of our photos are undated, but I would guess this was in the fall of 1954. Colleen would be almost 2 and I would be almost 3. She is so fair and blonde, I have such a summer tan with my pitch black hair....hard to imagine that we are sisters just one year apart in age!

The bottom photo was printed on vellum, then trimmed around the edges. I still like playing with vellum - it's fabulous with alcohol inks and great for openings in aperture cuts. But to print in black & white or sepia tone on vellum....just perfect for vintage photos. (Oh gag! Am I really old enough to be part of a "vintage" photo"? LOLOL!)

I still play with Colleen. Just nowadays, when we get together, we play with Art Clay Silver and dichroic glass. But we learned how to play in the early 50s, on Grandma's farm, where the wind would blow and our panties would show!

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