Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Scrapmabob Plus

While I'm on the topic of's workbox3.0, let's talk about their Scrapmabob Plus.

It's cute, it's clever, it works great.....but it's NOT denim!  LOL!!!  So, of course, I made my own!

Out of the leg of a pair of jeans.  And used the rear pocket to store all my goodies.  Made it a bit longer than theirs.  But I did use theirs as a pattern.

It will velcro on and off very easily so I can wash it whenever it gets dirty.

 I can rotate it so the pocket shows, or so it's plain:

For a liner, I slip a trash bag over the velcro strips:

I like it because it keeps my glass securely off my workspace and makes the trash at my fingertips.  And - bonus....flip it up and the door behind opens easily!  I just closed it so the photos would look better.

Next up - the matching chair!

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