Friday, November 30, 2018

The chair for the workbox3.0

It has been quite some time since I've been office chair shopping.  I decided on this one as it was half off and the arms will lift up.  Bonus - it rocks!  LOL!

But get a load of the back of it!  That is just beyond wierd!

Brand new....but I recovered the arms and seat in denim and made a slip cover to go over the back.  Look closely and you will see a cord coming out the right hand side.  That huge pocket across the front has a heating pad stuck down in it!  There are slits on either side, so I can use an outlet no matter which side it's on.   Added bonus, the heating is in the perfect spot for my back.  Second bonus - the arms flip up so it fits under any height table.

The back side has 2 pockets that hold the controller and the rest of the cord.  It tucks down behind that weird back frame.  I've been trying it out and I really like it.  Comfy enough to work from.....reclines enough to make it great for watching TV.

I also have a couple Walmart student chairs that I recovered in denim.   My sisters need chairs when they come to play.

One of them has it's own heating pad cover just like the top one.  But it also  a "saddle bag" on the seat and I can keep a tape runner down in one of the gigantic pockets and my ATG gun on the other side.

It is so much fun customizing things to make them work better for what you need!  What have you altered lately to meet your needs?

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