Saturday, December 1, 2018

Adding on to my Workbox 3.0

A couple of years ago I took up watercolor painting.  It's been slow.  The classes have been a blast.  And of course....more crafty stuff to store.  I have one of these over the door paint tube holders.  It works great!

 But if I want everything I'm keeping to go in the Workbox3.0....this just doesn't cut it.

When you open the Workbox all the way out, there is still empty space on the exterior sides.  Way too narrow for the paint tube holder.....but I do have a sewing machine.....

Yep, I cut that thing down to 5 pockets wide and 5 rows.  I did give up some storage, but I managed to get 3-5 tubes of paint into each pocket.  Note - it's important to store paint tubes like this so that they don't leak out.  If you've had that happen once, it's more than enough!

Is that a perfect fit?  For the most part, it's completely out of site....yet easy to get to when I need to refill a palette.  

I took the seam binding off the part I had cut away and used it to finish off the piece I'm keeping.  Hard to tell that it was cut.  Gotta love a good seam ripper!

And for now, I'm using command hooks to hold it up.  5# each hook - it stayed overnight so I think it's good.  But I'll come up with something a little more permanent down the line.  (Time for a run to Home Depot?)

I know that I'm going to be moving.  Maybe sooner than I'm ready (ok, are you ever ready to move?) I have my name on a waiting list for an apartment in a 55+ community.  A whole block away!   It's where mom lived and my youngest sister lives there now.  I told them I'd take a studio, but I know I would then move into a 1 bedroom when one came available.  I've told myself that ALL my art stuff (excluding sewing) has to fit into this Workbox.  When I first said that....I really didn't think I meant hanging from the outside as well.  But it works!

Maybe I should come up with a business designing add-ons for the Workbox3.0.  This is kind of fun!!!  Hmmmm....what can I hang from the other side???


Hope you are having a fun day!

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