Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The "Art-pod"

We bought a 2011 R-pod 182G.  And while it's in the shop getting a thorough inspection, I've been making things to decorate "her" with.  First up is my travel journal for 2018.

r-pod.....artpod....while I just play, Kerry is amazing with his 3D printer and LED lighting.  I can only fathom how he is going to max this 20' travel trailer out.  He's already put together a wifi LAN to connect movies, video, music to both the interior and exterior of the pod!  (This model has an outdoor kitchen in the rear.)   He has 1 terabyte of movies to go.  I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around what 1 terabyte of anything was until he said our home system has 3 terabyte of movies!!!

I'm calling this a scrap-journal as I have the inside of it ready to journal and add photos.  It's 5x7 with mixed media paper inside:

The papers are from PhotoPlay in case you're wondering and I've had them awhile so I'd suggest looking for them on ebay.

And a rather old Jolee's embellishment....that I embellished!

We drove to Gainesville TX last week to pick her up.  Not only a blow-out on the way home, but she completely came off the hitch - fortunately we had stopped at a light and were just pulling out and no damage was done!  But I nearly had a heart attack!  

She will be decorated in denim, of course!  And eventually, all of her seat cushions will be re-upholstered in denim.  

And the Denim Divas will most likely take her to the next Scrapbook Expo in Denver.  Who knows where else she might journey???

And the first wall hanging that will go inside is this one - I made it several months ago as my "vision" board.  I think it's perfect because Kerry made the white palette with his 3D printer and it combines our artistic skills into one place.

I thought about starting a separate travel blog....but I think my life so consumes 3 things - art, travel and genealogy.  And while I do keep a separate blog for my Cotopaxi research,  I think the rest of my life will stay put here!

Speaking of which - I'm giving a presentation about Cotopaxi this Sunday, 1/21, at the Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, 801 Sherman St, Canon City CO 81212.  Would love to see you there if you can make it!  2 pm.  

And then hopefully, we will off art-podding!  (I know, it's going to be sad from here on out!  Pod-sightings.  Spodded.  Podding. Podder.  This is my plog?  Best prepare yourselves!!!)

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