Monday, January 15, 2018

Custom appliques to match any decor!

I bought some dishes for our new travel trailer.  I wanted to make an apron to "match".  First, I took a photo, resized it and made a couple of copies.

Then  I cut it apart and traced each part on the appropriate color of fabric.  Cut it out and ironed it onto some adhesive backed quilting - about 1/4" thick.

Next I used the satin stitch on the sewing machine to go around all the edges.  The door, window and tire are made from the back side of denim.  

I've never tried this before and for my first effort, I'm pretty happy with the results!

 I really think you could take any image as long as it's not too detailed and do the very same thing to make a custom appliqué.  The iron-on quilt backing certainly helped keep the fabric in place while doing the sating stitches.  I have some old quilt pieces that I might try this with next.

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