Sunday, December 31, 2017

Under the dome....a little "magic"!!!

 What happens when you combine a 3D printer and paper crafts???  A lighted dome!  This little dome is just about 4" tall and maybe 2" across the bottom.

I bought 6 of these at the Scrapbook Expo last September.  Found them in the Melissa Frances booth and they were half off.    They come with a cardboard bottom.

I asked Kerry if he could make a LED lighted base with his 3D printer.  I needed something that had a rechargeable battery in it so that I didn't have to plug it in.  Each of these holes has an LED light shining up through the bottom.

The base is about 3/4" thick so that inside, it can house the lights, the on/off switch and the port for charging.  Amazing how tiny all that can be.

I then die cut a circle of clear acrylic to cover the top of the lights. And that's what I used as a base to hot glue the dies.  You can't see, but everything is cut in white glitter paper.  This is just 1 tree, cut into parts, and then 2 of the 3-piece deer sets.  Rolled the die cuts around a 1/2" diameter dowel to shape them.  Hot glued each piece to the clear acrylic base.  Then put it all up inside the dome and added the base.

Here's closeup of the trees and a deer.  Hope you can get a feel for the glitter paper I used.

When you flip the switch, all that glittered paper just sparkles in the light!

Five more domes, so I asked for 5 more bases!  And because each one will be on a clear acrylic base, I could make multiple designs for each dome!  I'm thinking 2018 is going to be a very good year for creativity!

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Unknown said...

You're so amazingly creative! What will you think of next?