Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Mount of Olives.

We had an option to take a tour of this place with a guide for 200NIS.  Instead, we opted to take a 70NIS cab ride and go our own way.  So very glad we did!!!


And this is the view looking from there back to where the Temple would have stood.  They say it was 2 1/2 times higher than the gold dome.  It must have looked incredible.  Graves fill the valley on both sides.


The Russian Orthodox Church was closed, but the domes are quite impressive.


Stones on the Jewish graves show that you were there.


This is Jehoshaphat's cave.  You can't go in.


Perhaps my favorite shot of the Golden Gate.  This would make a great painting!!


Following the Kings valley promenade...felt like 70,000 steps!!!


Came back to our apartment and decided to paint the stones of the western wall and then write in the Sh'ma.  That took a bit of time.  Tried out some of the paint brushes I bought last week.  Sort of like how it came out.


And then this one.  It is so true.  Some days we get so busy we tend to forget that our Father is the King of Kings and we just need to straighten our crowns!!


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Susan said...

Absolutely LOVE all the pictures! I feel like I am walking along with you! Also love that last painting as well. What it says is perfect!