Friday, March 17, 2017

The Jerusalem Archaeological Park

It used to be known as the City of David, but there are 2 sites, so this one has a new name.  It is the site right next to the south end of Temple Mount.  The City of David is south of this, across a road.

On the south side, there are 2 sets of gates.  The Hulda gates.  All who entered the Mount in ancients would enter through the gates on the right, circle the Mount and exit through the gates on the left 


This is the triple gate, the other is a double gate.  All of them have been sealed off.

There is so much to be dug and explored here.  Israel only explores 10% of its antiquity in order to leav some for future generations.


You can start to see the layers of arches here that were used to raise the City over time.

Behind this you are looking at the  Mount of Olives and Jewish graves.  All above ground in concrete "boxes".


You can see the rooms that have been excavated 


This is looking up at the southwest corner of Temple Mount.  On the top, there is a building with a dome.  We could not go inside.


It's a pretty massive dig in area and in depth.


I love the layers


We stood under a canopy and looked back at the Old City.


It should all belong to the Jews but unfortunately, Jordan has control now.


Isaiah 66:14. When you see this, your heart shall rejoice.

And it's so true!!


It will be incredible when we can look up and see the Temple on this site.  But for now, my heart is rejoicing that I am here.

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