Sunday, March 19, 2017

Went back to college for the day

There is a reason why people of my age don't go to college....those buildings are 10 miles apart!  LOL!!  Well, it sure seemed like it.  I had to have been the oddest person on campus by at least 40 years.  Everyone was so kind and helpful!  I'm sure they were all wondering what this "Grandma" was doing on campus!


I had prescheduled a visit to the National Library of Israel which sits inside the Hebrew University campus.  There are 4 bankers sized boxes at the archives with possible information on the Jewish Colony that was at Cotopaxi, Colorado.

While I probably copied over 100 pages of information....what I really wanted to find wasn't in these boxes.  I spent 3 hours looking through items in the first box.  Realized it was noon.  No place to eat and I didn't want to go in and out of security so I just kept on reading through file after file.

These boxed are archived off campus so I needed to get through all 4 of them today!

And then I was done.  The trees on campus are in full bloom.  This is a cherry tree.


I walked a mile in search of a cab and finally caught one back to the old city.  Then dinner.  I should have taken a picture.  We tried a new place and I ordered pizza.  I got 2 pizzas that were about 2.5" in diameter.  A total of 4 bites.  I just had to laugh!  Won't be returning to that place!!!

It was a fun day and even with the taxi cabs, I still walked over 5 miles.  Tomorrow starts a 3-day music festival in Jerusalem.  They are setting up stages and testing sound everywhere. 7-11 pm, so we will have a couple of late nights out enjoying the sounds!  LOVE being here as the city comes alive in preparations for Passover.  And my missed watercolor class just got rescheduled for the 26th.  Life is good!!!

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