Monday, February 3, 2014

The bottle

The girls at the retreat drank this bottle Friday's 18" tall!!  And it came from Las Vegas as I understand it.  I had asked to have the empty bottle....

My "theme" for the weekend was dress forms so I decorated the bottle as such.  It is absolutely gorgeous!  Lots of rhinestones, bling, and pewter.

A second bottle showed up so I could compare the 2 together.  Never toss out a bottle again!  Just decorate it!

Around the top is a Spellbinders die in pewter with a layer of rhinestones and a teardrop crystal.

Next is a Spellbinders label with the word "Create" from Elizabeth Craft Designs.

Then an oval die cut with a dress form die cut in the middle of it.

The bottom border is another spellbinders die.  

I'm calling it "the bottle" - don't think you'll ever see another one like it!  :o)


Gramma said...

DIBS...DIBS....DIBS... Oh, so sorry, do you DO Dibs?

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

going into the store as a class sample. Sorry. :o)