Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mercury glass - day 2

Today, I'm going to share just one of my candlesticks because there is so much detail in this one.  It started out as 2 pieces of clear glass.  The top is a vote and the bottom was a short candlestick.  When I hunt for glass, I will hold it up to a window and pick the pieces that have the most shine to them.  Some cuts of glass are just plain dull.

To add color, I use my copic airbrush system.  For these pieces, I picked my copic sketch marker RV09.  I love that shade of bright pink.  I simply airbrushed the color to the outside of the glass.  Different types of clear glass will give you different results.  The more lead content in the glass, the more shine you will get as well.

Next, I did the same technique as yesterday to get the faux mercury look.  When you blot off the vinegar/water mix, the copic color will show through.  You also need to know that the more layers of Krylon's looking glass paint that you use, the less of the pink copic color you will see.  It's all a matter of balance.

Note - you spray the copic color onto the glass before you add the looking glass paint.  Everything is done on the outside of the glass.

For lots of this, I then sealed the color in with a coat of

I do plan to make a youtube video showing some of these techniques - but I need to get more glass first!

Around the base, I have used Spellbinder's S5-079 Persian Motifs - the large circle.  In order to get it to fit, I simply cut it open in the back.  The center was removed using #3 from The Standard Circles Large Die.  This is cut in Amaco's pewter which can easily be shaped around the glass.

I use either E6000 or 527 adhesive (both at Walmart) when adhering my embellishments to glass.  On occasion, I can get a cool glue gun to stick, but that will usually pull right away from the glass.

around the top of the bottom candlestick, I used #5 from Spellbinder's Parisian Motifs.  The center was removed using #5 from the Standard Circles Large set.  Look at how nicely it wraps around the edges to make a wonderful border.  And this pewter simply shimmers in the sun!

For the center, front, I used the square motif from the Parisian motifs die (see link above) and covered it with another piece of an ornament that I took apart.  I added a broken piece of jewelry in the middle center front.

There is quite a bit of depth to this piece as you can see from this side shot.  See how nicely the pewter will shape to the contour of the glass?

and from the top looking down, you can pick up hints of silver on the rim

remember, this all started with 2 pieces of clear glass from the thrifty store that someone else discarded. I think this is a great example of what you can do with someone else's trash.  :o)

And just think….I haven't even lit a candle yet and there's so much shimmer and shine going on!  Gotta love Spellbinders die cuts in pewter!

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CraftyJo said...

This is fab Jen, what talent you've got.