Monday, December 16, 2013

Mercury glass - day 3

Today I'm sharing some of my favorites - and some of the easiest to do!    This first one was a clear glass candle holder.  Maybe 3" tall.  Airbrushed with copic marker RV09 , then Amaco's pewter die cut, with a broken earring attached to the front center.  What do you think?  This one was 47 cents at one of our thrifty stores here in town.

This one was blue glass.  So I simply sprayed the outside with the looking glass paint, spritzed the vinegar/water mix on top of that, then waited 2 minutes and lightly blotted it off so the blue glass would show through.  I used Spellbinders S4-365  Create-a-flake four die for this.  I think that die has been discontinued, but look for it on ebay.  I took apart an ornament from Hobby Lobby for the center of the die and added some bling to the round points.

This was another clear votive holder and I simply love it!  I used Copic marker B06 for the color and this time, I used a ton of color with very little of the looking glass paint.  The pewter is a different element from the Create-a-flake four die above with another pice of the same ornament.  So simple, yet so elegant!

This is a tiny little votive, about the size of a shot glass.  I die cut the border and airbrushed it with colic's B06 as I wanted color on this one.  The snowflake is from the same die.  I love this die - so many different flakes and I haven't even started layering them!

And the last one today.  This is my favorite - so far!  This one is about 5" tall.  The rim around the top of the glass was chipped so I got it for 50 cents.  It was already faux mercury glass, so I didn't have to do a thing with the glass.

I used the large die from the Venetian Motifs, S5-119.   A rather large ornament from Hobby Lobby on the front.  How fun to get these at half off and then take them apart with undue!

The top border is cut from S5-042, Fleur de Lis accents and then…..

Folded over the top rim and pressed down around the top and the bottom to fit snugly against the glass. You can no longer see or feel the cracks that were in the rim.  

All of these just glimmer and shine in the sunlight.  So incredibly pretty in the day, but I have lights under them and at night, it's just stunning!

Tomorrow, I'm going thrifty store shopping in Co Springs with my sis.  I hope we find a ton of clear glass so I can come home and play some more.  Can you believe that I am completely out of glass???

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