Sunday, December 1, 2013

Clear glass totems….for any occasion!

I shared this in yesterday's blog, but wanted to do a few close-ups today, just so you can see the detail in the design!

The cake looks real, doesn't it?

Well, the cupcakes are!  But the cake isn't.

 Colleen made this by painting hat boxes white.  Layering with silk flowers.  And fabric ribbon.

Yes, that is fabric you are looking at around the top edge.  Sure looks like icing, doesn't it?  Look at the bottom….a row of fabric on the table and a row of fabric ribbons above it.

She put in some added embellishments such as the little bride among the totems.

and did you notice the glass slipper at the bottom of this totem?

There are lighted glass swans on the table and a few other items such as these candle votes, stacked on top of inverted bowls.  

In this final display, there are LED lights around the table, a crown under the top pedestal, swans in front of the cake….just so much fun!

Hope you have enjoyed seeing all of my sister's wonderful glass totems!

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