Wednesday, December 4, 2013

my crafty Kraft house

I think I first made this about 1981 when I had a house full of little kids.  I remember telling them that they couldn't eat it until Christmas morning. Well - you can imagine how well that worked!  It's snowing outside today, so I decided to make one this year.  Just so I could remember how and give you the directions just in case you get inspired!  It only takes a couple of hours and if you get the kids to help, it will go a whole lot faster!

Cover a 12" square piece of chipboard with freezer wrap.  Then build the house on top.  The sides are 4" tall, 6" long.  The ends are 4" x 5" and cut 3" off each top corner on an angle from the center to the 4" mark.  The roof is 8 1/2" x 10" coded in half.  I used a cool glue gun to glue the pieces together.

It will take almost 5 bags of Kraft caramels.  Unwrap them (let the kids do this!)  DO NOT EAT a single one….oh well, make that 6 bags of caramels!  LOL!!!  Use Marshmallow cream as the "cement" and layer them just like bricks, alternating every row so the center of one brick is in the middle of 2 bricks below it.  You can cut them in half to even out each row. 

There's a hershey's chocolate bar for the door, the ends of candy canes around it, wafer cookies for the window - just use the marshmallow cream like "glue".

Cut marshmallows into 4 pieces and sort of pinch them into petals for the roof.  Use green sprinkles to add color.

Spray can icing for the snow, sprinkles for the path, gumdrops to line the path….just use your imagination and whatever you have in the house!

 Here's a view of the side of the house.  Can't you just see the kids eyes when they start to drool over this?  OK….that include kids age 82!!!

I staked up marshmallows and then sprayed green icing all over it to make a tree.  But you can also just make a paper cone and spray it, or use an ice cream cone.

a gumdrop for the door know.  3 marshmallows for the snowman….

Tiny little confetti for the snowman's face and I cut up a gumdrop for the nose.

My finished craft Kraft house!  Go back a few blogs to see how I did the train cars that will go in front of the house…..the kids and grandkids will just love this!

This is cheaper to make than you think - using the cheapest candy in the store.  I did have to hunt to find gum drops though, so keep that in mind!  

I'm thinning about trying to make one with those big pretzels as logs and wheat chex as shingles on the roof…...

and now, the house is "parked" in the refrigerator, covered with plastic wrap, waiting for a crafty event to go to.  Hmmm…..I wonder where it will show up this year?

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