Sunday, November 17, 2013


They have 6 points.  You do know that?  There are some doubles with 12 points, but there are no 8 point or 7 point or 5 point snowflakes!  Isn't that amazing?  That God created so many different designs and they all have 6 points!  

When I was a little girl, we had a snow back in Indiana.  It was so magnificent that dad woke us up and we all bundled up to go outside and watch it.  Pitch black night, but a very bright farm pole light.  The flakes had to have been 4" across!  We were literally chasing after them!  Catching them in our mittened hands.  Admiring them.  Watching them vanish away.  I remember that it seemed to snow forever like that….huge snowflakes softly, slowly, drifting to the ground.  I have never seen a snow like it since then.

I do know that God's art is so much more than anything I can ever put together, but I am having such a good time creating things that bring back fun memories!  And because I'm not home, I'm using mostly white paper.  It's easy to find!  But after cutting all these dies in white, I decided to use my airbrush on them.  What fun!!!  

But then I sort of went crazy.  2 layers of Spellbinders behind the stamped image, then Memory Box on top that are air-brushed and stickled.  But still….I love the results!!!

Layers of dies…..layers of huge, gigantic snowflakes when I was a little girl.  Maybe not too different? Layers of life that Jehovah has blessed me with.  It all seems to fit!

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