Monday, November 18, 2013

Grandma's hankies

Remember the story of Hansel and Gretel?  How they left a trail of bread crumbs behind them?  Well, Grandma Moore left hankies wherever she went!  We always knew she had been there because we'd find a hanky!   I think she is the Grandma who taught me how to play. She rolled hankies up and turned them into babies in a cradle that you could swing.  She stitched bonnets on them and made little dolls out of them.  She was very poor, but her heart and her spirit were so rich.  She loved to sing hymns, she loved to praise God.

Grandma would have said, "Life is better when it's fun!"  She would have been amazed with my airbrush machine, copic markers.  And I know she would have tried them all out!!!

She made her own glue out of flour and water.  She would have just loved Stickles!  Strawberries, grapes and cherries were her dye.  Wonderful how God created "art" in the very beginning.

Next I'll have to make some more chipboard cups to put my hankies in.  Oh….life is just so much better when it's fun!!!

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