Saturday, November 16, 2013


She is in my life every single day.  Today, I decided to take a couple of her paintings and turn them into cards.  I think she would smile.  She loved scripture.  I know for a fact that she read the Bible every day of her life.  In the last few days, we read it to her.  So I added Bible phrases to each painting.

I love this painting.  Belgium work horses.  Her dad raised them.  They used to farm the land with them.  I remember mom saying that we had "House" blood in us and we were sturdy, strong stock.  Or that we "had strong bones."  She said we were built like work horses.  I think it was good to let her children know that they were strong.  Both physically, mentally and emotionally.    Nothing else, just the scripture added to this card.

This is a painting mom did years ago of the George House homestead.  It's where she grew up, where I lived until I was 5 when dad built a house on the corner of the farm.  I lived on this land until I was 16 years old.  When I was little, and my legs were short, this lane was forever long!  It flooded, the water froze, we ice skated down the lane.  We ran to catch the bus, we rode our bikes up and down it.  When the house was first built, the road was in the opposite direction, down by the creek, so that lane was even longer!  We used to "hike" back to the creek as kids.  Over the years, God has shown me my path in life.  How blessed am I that He started that path with one this gorgeous!

 Not one to leave things alone (it's really hard!) I added some glitter to the trees and grass.  I love what it did….turned the painting into a card.

Mom loved her flowers.  I loved her Iris paintings.  She once said to me she thought the flowers were praising Jehovah.  Thus the verse I picked for this painting.  You know, she did over 400 paintings and I have photos of all of them.  I could do this for quite some time to come!!!  The legacy she left her children is something I haven't begun to wrap my head around yet.  But the legacy of our faith, our belief, our trust in Jehovah Jesus Messiah is the greatest gift of all.

He doesn't care how I make the noise, just so long as it is noise and it is joyful!!!  Does He "hear" my art?  There are moments when I just want to shout it out.  I know it's in me, I just have to get it out!!!  Not only did I add some glitter, I added some die cuts.  Definitely changes the painting!  

He has given me this path in life, He has kept me strong, and in return, I am making such a joyful noise, praising His name all the day long!!!

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