Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My sister - the artist!

Don't you just wonder what happens when my sis and I get together to play?  Things explode?  Fireworks start up immediately?  Glitter rains from the heavens???  LOL!!!  No….but we do have fun. So I thought I'd showcase some of her recent creativity.  She's been making glass totems.  Taking old pieces of glass, drilling holes down the center, stacking glass and making totems.  But hers are a bit different from anything I've seen online or around here.  She's a little more creative than most!

So, do you see all the pieces?  The top pedestal dish, a small candy dish upside down, a tall skinny vase, a red bowl upside down and then a clear candy dish upside down.  Brilliant, huh?

Sometimes, there are hidden surprises inside the glass…..

these cute little mice and cheese wedge are in this clear glass cheese server.

It took 4 pieces of glass to make this totem.

Make a great salad server, or veggie tray, or candy dish.  Wouldn't it start a conversation at any gathering???

This one is designed to be a centerpiece for a baby shower.  I think it's just too cute!

The little bear comes out and this can be used as a candy dish, but I think the candy around the bear would be perfect.

I love the design in the glass.  And because I love turquoise - this is my favorite!

oh!  but this one is so frilly that I just love it, too.  I'd like to see this between 2 crystal candlesticks with a short candle on top of this one.  Can't you just imagine the possibilities???

All of these are for sale at "Moore Girls, more stuff" at the Marketplace Shops here in Canon City.  If you are a blog follower and interested in prices, just email me….we're happy to ship!!!

Of course, when she started making these, all I could think of were candle holders….so I'm getting ready to make a few of my own.  But I think I'll spray the glass and add color, add embellishments, add food…..who knows where I'll stop!!!

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