Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Embellishing - making it even more attractive!

In our shopping yesterday, I found this adorable burlap covered deer.  Notice the burlap has been printed with sheet music.  And you can't really see, but it is glittery!!!  Found this at the florist shop here in town, so it's brand new.  I simply couldn't resist!

Colleen got these at Hobby Lobby and I "borrowed" them from her.  LOL!

Found this little ornament at the florist:

and of course, they had this gorgeous glittery bow that I had to have!!!

So I embellished the deer!  Now don't bother asking what goes on in my mind when I see things, but I knew that original deer was great, but just too plain for me!

I took apart the spray I "borrowed" from Colleen and hot glued each individual piece allowing them to drape from the antlers in the exact position I wanted.  I put that gorgeous bow on the back and removed the greenery from the front.  (Yes, there are those who say I'm quite dangerous with a hot glue gun!!!  LOL!!!)

I added a bit of greenery from yesterday's project around the neck, added the ornament to the front, and added more glitter balls from the spray to the ornament to give it dimension.

She's going to be a perfect addition to my winter decor on the dining room table!

I may take her back to the florist just to show them what I did with items I purchased from them.  My advice, don't go to this shop!  I guarantee you will want everything in site!  It's a Touch of Love Florist on S 9th st here in town.  Their website doesn't do them justice as I happen to think they are one of our truly hidden secrets!!!  The store is so much more than what the website presents!

Hoping that you will start looking at things as how they might become with just a little bit of imagination and embellishment!!!

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