Friday, November 15, 2013

New monkeys

I redid yesterday's card using Hammermill paper and it's much better.  So now we know, even though it says that it doesn't bleed, sometimes it does!!!

The left is yesterday, the right is today.

Which one do you like best?

The other thing I have to learn to do is to write down my color combinations as I use them.  Because I forget when I go to sleep!  LOL!!!

Lucy's jeans:  B00, 32, 45, W3, and denim texture with colorless blender.

Lucy's shirt:  R29, 00

Lucy's hair:  E29,21,09

Lucy's skin: E000, 02, R20

Monkey barrel:  E08, 18, 21, W3
Monkeys in the barrel:  E25, E11

Monkey in front:  E000, E21, 25
Paws: E000, 02
Lips: R29, 00
"Tickle me Terry" with terry cloth and colorless blender

So even if you are limited in the colors of copics that you have, you can still do a lot of fun things!  I'll grow my collection over the winter with my 40% off coupons.  :o)  I think it's important to note as well that each of us will develop our own copic style.  I can already tell I like a "watercolor" look, not a pure blended look.  I'm going to prefer glitter on top of my stickler.  I'm going to like the pink/turquoise/green combo that I use with alcohol inks.  But it's going to be fun to just play.

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